3TREESceramics is a space for ceramicists from amateur to professional

 create YOUR own work in clay.


We offer you a great meeting place  where you can follow workshops, and masterclasses or find out more about the Glazing Lab. now offering a glazing workshop.

It is a place for encouragement, learning and inspiration.

You can rent a space for a few hours, or an atelier for a longer period of time.


A small open-access ceramics studio – beautifully laid out with all the facilities you could want. It has a calming atmosphere and never feels too busy. Home away from home. People of all abilities are welcome to join, though this class is aimed at developing beginner’s skills, we will tailor to everyone’s capabilities. We like to create an intimate but comfortable, fun environment in 3TREES where you will be encouraged to work on projects which will help develop different techniques of throwing, hand building, mold work, decorating and glazing.

All glazes are handmade in our 3TREESlab -no pre-fab- using raw materials, some self-sourced

Personal projects are also encouraged. You can start with a beginner’s pottery course and organically grow into a more advanced group. Feel free to come by have a coffee or tea and see what we do and when you feel .

…..join ….and get your hands dirty.


Investigations with Clay, step in anytime…any level…

Monday::          20:00 ~ 22:30
Tuesday::         17:30  ~ 20:00 // 20:30 ~ 23:00 (advanced class)
Wednesday::   20:00 ~ 22:30
Saturday ::       13:00  ~ 15:30

A six lesson (2 1/2 hours) voucher -strippenkaart- costs
€  175,-. This card has a lifespan of 10 weeks.

Lessons should be booked 1 week in advance.
Cancellation minimum 24 hrs before the lesson.
including Materials, Tools & Glazes

Your work will be fired in our electric kiln.


Come as you please. Maximum usage is 18 hours per week. As a member you have your own storage space where you can keep personal items and work in progress. Materials, glazes & firing-costs are not included and will be charged at cost price. Use of various facilities such as coffee and tea & superfast wi-fi is all included into the fee:: € 150,- (minimum 2 months) ex. 9% VAT.

Joris:: “I am enthusiastic to help any beginner//advanced to experienced ceramist to start their journey in discovering what the materials offer, what new techniques can bring and in finding their own style.”