3TREESceramics started in 2014 as an online gallery. Next to his own work, initiator Joris-Jan Bos displays works of others national and international ceramists.

In 2016 he brought this online community to a next level with the opening of the cool workspace of 3TREESceramics GALLERY, LABS & LOUNGE on the Weimarstraat in The Hague.

A dream come true.

How it all started…
Joris-Jan Bos, creator and initiator of 3TREES, became passionate about handmade ceramics when visiting Japan in 2002, and later in 2004 with an art exchange project between The Netherlands and Japan.

“The total cultural exposure there was a fascinating experience for me. I attended a ceramics workshop, calligraphy and a knife making workshop with Japanese craftsmen.
Filled with inspiration I returned to The Hague and started classed at Pauline Hoeboer.
Slowly I developed my own style”.

Japanese influence
This Japanese influence shows in his work nowadays. Joris creates unique pieces in which he tries to catch their soul.

“I believe that each piece of clay chooses its own form.
Clay is a natural source from mother earth.
All of nature is returned to its natural source. It all decays and becomes clay again: a rich history of everything that grows and flourishes.
This history for me is an invitation for true respect and humbleness.”

Wabi Sabi & Miles Davis
Inspired by the ancient Japanese Philosophy Wabi-Sabi, that is fostering and respecting the beauty of imperfection and transience,  ánd by Miles Davis, whom Joris admires as an artist playing so instinctively that he never played a note to much.
Both made him seek for this within his work and his pottery.

Trying to give every cup its individual character, how it feels in your hand as you hold it, how it touches your lips as you drink from it.

“Every country has its own tradition.
We in the fast-paced Western world have lost touch with these things. But there is an ever growing need for handmade goods in which we are looking for what has gone west through development and commerciality.”

Apart from his ceramic interest, Joris is a professional photographer working with dance, theater and portraits for inter/national acclaimed dance/theater companies.
As a photographer, he has the history of a black and white analogue period, where he spent hours and hours in the darkroom. Perhaps a total of two years of his life… Always excited to what would unfold in front of his eyes, the results of a chemical reaction.

Chemistry & Glazing
The start of the digital era ended the chemistry play.
But with the glazing techniques Joris rediscovered this exciting game full of surprises, opening the kiln to discover what the glazes have become on the different clays.

Creating and developing different recipes and applications became his new passion. The (birch) ash from the fire stove from his house in Italy for example, gives a magnificent blue-explosion in the glaze. Or the rust black colour from the ’Temmoku’ glazes is a journey of endless research to develop. Another glaze which interests him is the ‘Shino’ glaze, which is translated as-‘ white, freshly fallen snow’.

“For me form and glaze are one. Together they add to the soul of the work: the colour, depth, the feeling in your hands, how it touches your lips.”

Joris prefers to bake all his ceramics in a wood-fired kiln, of which there are only a few in Holland. So a couple of times a year he travels to a friend in Groningen who owns one.

The baking takes a few days. One builds a fire that reaches 1300 degrees, and which needs a day to cool down, before opening the kiln.
Opening the oven is always very special: depending on how the fire touches the pieces, the wind that has passed through the oven, the position of the pieces, how the glazes react.
All these elements are crucial to the final results. Together they give every piece its unique quality and signature.

“ In and around The Netherlands the love for ceramics is alive.
I hope that 3TREESceramics can be a place for these people to meet and share their love and passions.
a violinist rehearsing Janacek had a beautiful quote::

To offer a platform for future relationships.’
That’s what I want!”


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