WORKSHOP ITALY -1st~14th of August //2021

SUMMERWORKSHOP:: Kilnbuilding //Wheel throwing //Handbuilding ~Oretto Superiore//Piemonte//ITALY

We will host you in our small and rustic house in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Breakfast, dinner and lodging will be provided.

This summer we had planned a kiln building workshop.

We will be constructing a bourry-box Catenary Arch Woodkiln, right in our garden. I have invited Andres Allik, an established Estonian kilnbuilder who makes beautiful kilns. This will be a dream come true…finally my woodkiln.

While we will be constructing our kiln, you will have time to make some works that will be cooked in the wood kiln at the end of our period.

Our focus will be on the construction of the kiln but there will be plenty of opportunity to create some new work that we will be bisq-firing and at the end of our workshop we will be firing the kiln for the first time.

With our wood kiln we will add new creative challenges into the creation of our ceramics. Besides the making of your work, the trimming there will be opening up a third way of expressing yourself in ceramics. The firing….

WoodfiringI will be providing shino’s, tenmoku’s and celadon glazes.

We will be focussing on developing throwing & handbuilding skills independent of your experience. This will be a very good oppertunity to enhance your skills to the next level. We will focus on centering, throwing from the hump and on envisioning the form that starts of from a cylinder into a bowl cup or any other form. From there we will encourage you to envision and listen to your piece as you go, stepping away from premeditative works to listening to the clay, feel and see where it wants to go, having the interior of the vessel communicate with the exterior. experiment, find limits, fail and take it a step further…..

Our indoor and outdoor atelier is at your disposal 24/7. We would like to invite you to keep things organised and  workable for all, help~out in the kitchen and studio will be appreciated.

In the end of the week we will bisque-fire the works and do a glaze firing. Our house is situated in a very rural valley in the north of Italy, life is simple but sweet…..Italy….A mountain river is close by to step away from the work and be refreshed. Our valley has a strong and long-lasting tradition of masonry but also the risotto rice fields are close-by. All these provide us with ingredients which are used where possible in our glazes. Rice husk ash, beech and acacia ash and granite dust. All of these provide a unique and local stamp of nature to the works.

Wheel and handbuilding options are available. As we want to keep the group quite limited (5/6 persons) so be sure to reserve a spot asap.

dates::  -1st ~ 14th of August //2021

costs:: € 1200,- included all materials and based on simple breakfast and lunch and italian dinner. nothing fancy, just amazing…

If you are interested in joining this workshop drop me an email


some images from past workshops at our place in Oretto Superiore  //Piemonte//Italy


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